From the early age of 15, I have been passionate about entertaining people with music. I started off in the age of CD’s, fell in love with vinyl afterwards, and adopted digital DJ-ing from the moment it was available. My experience as a dj ranges from student parties, residencies in the finest bars of Leuven like De Rector and ‘T Archief, to festivals, weddings and company events in the more recent years.

The ultimate goal is to make you dance and have a great time, through a very broad selection of music tailored to people dancing in front of me. My library contains the most common tracks of EDM, dance, pop, R&B, drum ‘n bass, 90’s,… In most cases I use slightly altered versions of songs and mashups to give the mix some extra touch.

I take pride in professional mixing and smooth transitions between songs. My sets are synchronised to the beat and I try to make elegant use of filters, effects and loops. Tracks follow each other quickly to keep the energy high. And as an engineer, also the technical part is covered. I created my own DMX controllers and other equipment to have maximum control over the lights, and to adjust the light show to the flow of the music.

Residencies and references: Alegria, Louvain Louvain, De Rector, ‘t Archief, Wild in ’t park,…

Panta Lunto Dj show recording

Festival demo

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