Apart from music, a very important and often neglected part of a party is lighting. Lights have to follow and support the beat and the vibe of the music in order to have a great party. It is a subtle thing which is not directly noticed by most people, but it has a major impact on how you feel and on how you engage on the dancefloor.

That is why it is very important to have decent lights available, and to have someone in control of those lights to make them follow the flow of the music. On occasions where there is no dedicated light technician to do this, I like to do this myself. To make this possible, I created my own light controller, tailored to my needs. This makes it possible to easily switch lighting scenes while also keeping the music going. Whenever possible, I use this to bring some extra dynamic to the lights.

For the more technical people: I have created the controller with a couple of arduinos. The main advantages are: minimal configuration to add new lights (because the basis of the light show stays the same), no computer needed while operating, layout and functionality of the buttons is tailored to what a DJ can control during a set, and very cost efficient. If you are interested in how it works or want to try it out, let me know, I always have some spare ones.

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